Relocate or find missing tracks in Rekordbox

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Why Rekordbox exclamation marks

When Rekordbox can’t find music files, it will show a orange/yellow exclamation mark in front of the track.

An exclamation mark means: you can’t play this track.
So it is important to fix this.


There are a couple of different reasons why this can happen.
But in basic it boils down to this: your music isn’t stored at the same location on your computer as before.

Some common reasons:

  • You moved music files to another location on your computer
  • The (external/network) drive on which you stored your music isn’t available
  • You renamed one or multiple filenames or folders which your music files are stored in
  • You deleted the track from your computer
  • You transfered your Rekordbox library to a new computer. Music isn’t stored on the same location on the new computer

The way to fix this is to point Rekordbox to the new location of your music.

Fix: find missing files

The way to find missing files and relocating music on your computer is the same.

1. In the application menu: click on “File”
2. Click on “Display All Missing Files”

3. The missing file manager is shown with all the songs that have exclamation marks

4. The fastest and easiest way is to click on “Auto Relocate”
Rekordbox searches your computer for the missing files and reconnects them to the tracks in your Rekordbox database automatically.

5. If Rekordbox can’t find your files, you have to point Rekordbox to the right folder manually.
Click on “Relocate” to point Rekordbox to where the files are stored.

6. This will open a file-open dialog (which will look a bit different on a Mac).
Select the right folder where the music is stored
Click on the button “Open”

7. Repeat step 5 and 6 to relocate all the missing music, until the missing file manager shows no missing files anymore

8. Click “OK” to close this dialog.


There is actually a really simple fast way to do the same thing automatically.

1. Select the songs with the exclamation marks in your library
2. In the application menu, click on “Track”
3. Click on “Auto Relocate”

4. Rekordbox goes hunting for the missing files on your computer

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