Recommended DJ equipment

To give you some guidance in the jungle of DJ equipment, here are my recommendations and reasoning why I think they are the best.
Some links on this page are affiliate links. I get a little bit of commission when you buy the product.

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DJ software

I have 3 favorites:

Virtual DJ
Regretfully by the industry seen as “the kids toy”, but I don’t think this is justified
I reviewed Virtual DJ and I’m impressed by the user interface and user-friendliness for beginner and professional.
On top of that, it is one of the fastest software on the market.

Rekordbox – because it’s industry standard and has the best compatibility with other soft- and hardware. Not because it’s the best. See Rekordbox review.
Traktor – for the professional DJ. See Traktor review.

A full feature comparison and reviews of all DJ software, you can find in my article on the best DJ software.

DJ controller

A controller always needs a computer with DJ software to operate.

AlphaTheta DDJ 200

This is primarily meant for beginners and meat to be used with a phone or tablet with the software WeDJ.
It is just a simple DJ controller that also works with Rekordbox software and a bunch of others.
It has not built-in sound card to connect a headphone or an amplifier.
You also miss output volume and track navigation buttons.
For a beginner ok, but If you really want to DJ, look at the DDJ FLX4.

Price: below $200 – Check price on Amazon

Check out my DJ starter guide for guidance on equipment and software.

AlphaTheta DDJ FLX4

ddj flx4

It starts here, with the DDJ FLX4
A complete DJ controller that can do everything a digital DJ needs.
It also has Bluetooth support and USB connection!
It has a built-in dual channel sound card with RCA jack output for an amplifier and a headphone output.

The only difference with the more expensive controllers is the build quality.
This one feels kind-of cheap to be honest.

Price: around $300

I personally own its predecessor, the DDJ-RB.
Check out my DJ starter guide for guidance on equipment and software.

Standalone Player + mixer

Standalone all-in-one equipment doesn’t need a computer with software to operate.
Music can be exported to a USB drive and be inserted in the all-in-one DJ player/mixer.

AlphaTheta DJ XDJ-XZ

Pioneer XDJ-XZ

Semi professional all-in-one with 2 players and a 4 channel mixer from Pioneer.
Supports USB, Serato and Rekordbox.
With the feel of the professional CDJ 2000 NXS2.
A buddy of mine has it, and I played with it, that’s why I’m comfortable to recommend it.
Price: around $2500 – Check price on Amazon

Sound card

When you want to DJ, but don’t want to buy a DJ controller, you need a sound card.
Because you need an audio output for the amplifier and an output for your headphones.

Personally, I’d say: buy a DJ controller with a built-in sound card for $100 more.
You have extra knobs and less hassle with cables and converting to the right output connectors.

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 4th gen

Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 sound card

Simple, affordable audio interface with a good audio quality.
Personally I own it’s predecessor the 2i2 2nd gen, and am pretty happy with it.
Price: around $200 – Check price on Amazon.

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