Why use Rekordbox – Pro DJ explains

First of all, Rekordbox is the most used DJ software in the world.
Most DJs in the world use it (or know how to use it).
Second, it is the software developed by the market leader for DJ equipment: Pioneer DJ (Alphatheta nowadays).

When you go to a club or a festival, you will most definitely run into Pioneer equipment.
In other words, it is the software that has the best compatibility and by a wide variety of DJ equipment.

Also Pioneers’ ecosystem to connect equipment (Pro DJ link) is supported by a wide variety of hardware.
For example: FX machines, audio mixer, lighting equipment
Rekordbox fits perfectly in that ecosystem.

In my article What is Rekordbox I will dive deeper into the functionality of Rekordbox.

What are the advantages of Rekordbox

Besides the compatibility argument, Rekordbox is a one-size-fits-all solution.
Rekordbox is music management software (you can make playlists, analyze songs for tempo, waveform, key), but also performance software.

Not only can you perform your DJ gig with Rekordbox, you can also use Rekordbox to control lights.

Do most clubs use Rekordbox?

Often clubs don’t use Rekordbox directly, but they use Rekordbox-compatible equipment.
Meaning that you are supposed to bring a USB drive that is prepared with Rekordbox.

But there are definitely clubs and festivals that use the whole ecosystem, simply because it is convenient and the ecosystem works well together.

Do you need Rekordbox to DJ?

Technically you don’t need Rekordbox to DJ (also not on Pioneer equipment), but it is very convenient.
I’ll tell you in this article exactly why: Do I need Rekordbox to play music on CDJs?

A comprehensive overview of Rekordbox with performance tests you can find here.

Rekordbox hard?
Don’t worry, I created a step-by-step video training to teach you all the ins and outs of Rekordbox.

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