Rekordbox course – Master in 1 hour

Rekordbox hard? Not anymore:

  • Rekordbox Explained step-by-step in an easy way
  • Every button pressed and functionality shown on screen
  • Easy to follow along video training
  • Learn tricks that professional DJs use to prepare their gigs

What you will learn

  • How the user interface works
  • How to import, organize, order and analyze your music
  • How to make sure you can find the tracks you want
  • How to export your music to a USB flash drive
  • How get your music onto a CDJ professional player
  • How to manage the settings of a professional CDJ player in Rekordbox
  • How to register important key moments in music (cue points & hot cues)
  • How to record and correct tempo information
  • Customize Rekordbox and CDJ settings to fit your needs

Duration: 60 minutes

You’ll learn in the Performance mode (FREE bonus)

  • All the ins and outs of the Performance mode to perform your DJ gig
  • How to use the player decks (2 decks + 4 decks)
  • How to make loops to repeat song sections
  • How to use the quantize function to stay in the beat
  • How to use cue points and hot cues
  • How to sync tempo between decks automatically
  • How to song-key sync between decks
  • How to use hot cues
  • How to apply sound effects
  • How to slice music as effect
  • How to skip beats to make smooth transitions
  • How to use the sampler

Duration: 60 minutes

Screenshots: Export mode

Screenshots: Performance mode (free bonus)

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