Waveform colors in Rekordbox – with video

Meaning of the colors of waveforms

The examples below are from the same song at the same position at the same zoom-level.


This is the old “classic” look of Rekordbox.
Like any waveform, the loudest parts have the the biggest peaks.

Frequency separation is hard to distinguish.
Low frequencies: blue.
High frequencies: white.

blue wavform


With the RGB waveform it is easier to see what is going on.

Low frequencies: red
Mid frequencies: green
High frequencies: blue


This is the most modern look, made popular by Denon.

Low frequencies: blue
Mid frequencies: orange
High frequencies: white

How to change waveform colors in Rekordbox?


2. Go to the “VIEW”-tab
3. Scroll down to the section “WAVEFORM”
4. Here you can choose between blue, RGB or 3-band

How to change waveform colors on CDJ/XDJ

1. Insert the USB drive that you want to use on the CDJ
2. Click on the USB drive on the left side of the screen
3. Select the “GENERAL”-tab
4. Select one of the 3 waveform-types

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