Do I need a Rekordbox license?

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In short

Technically you always need a license, because you need a Pioneer account to activate Rekordbox.
But there are free licenses for the most important features.

Some advanced features require a paid license.
A paid license is recurring on a yearly basis.
A paid license limits the number of devices you can use Rekordbox on (depends on license how many).

Free features

Most features in the Export-Mode and the Performance-Mode are free.

Export Mode

  • Analyzing tracks: Beat Grid, BPM, Key and Phrase
  • Export tracks to USB
  • Creating and managing playlists
  • Set Cue Points & Hot Cues
  • Set active loops (auto loops)
  • Saving track matches/related tracks
  • My Tag
  • Editing track information like title, artist, bpm, artwork etc.
  • Editing the Beat Grid
  • Saving CDJ settings on USB
  • Pro DJ link support (connecting CDJs to Rekordbox)

Performance Mode

  • Music streaming support (via Tidal, Beatport etc)
  • Mixing with 4 decks
  • Applying standard sound effects
  • Syncing BPM and Key
  • Making loops
  • Limited DJ gear support (for exceptions: see Hardware Unlock paragraph on this page)
  • Limited mix point link (auto mix in-out points)
  • Track separation (using stems)

Pioneer changes their mind regularly about what is free and what is not, so please take this list with a grain of salt.

Here are the features you need to pay for

  • Cloud storage for tracks (Dropbox)
  • Analyzing tracks: Vocal detection
  • Recording a DJ set (performance mode)
  • DVS control (“digital” vinyl)
  • Video
  • Pioneer RMX effect device support

Hardware unlock

Some features (that normally would require a subscription plan) are available free of charge when you bought hardware.
This can be a standalone DJ player (like the CDJ) or a DJ controller.

On Pioneers website you can find more information about plans and which hardware unlocks free features.

Rekordbox hard?
Don’t worry, I created a step-by-step video training to teach you all the ins and outs of Rekordbox.